Jane Shine, 33, Philippines, Manila

Height: 5' 0.6" | 154 cm

Weight: 88 lbs | 40 kg

Color of eyes:Black

Hair color:Black



Education:Vocational College

Occupation:Home Business/Freelance Worker

Spoken language(s):EnglishTagalog


Looking for:Man

Purpose(s) of Dating:MarriageLong-term



Religion:Christian - Protestant

Preferred men`s age: 35 - 55

Favorite Pet(s):Dog

Zodiac sign:Sagittarius


Marital Status:Single


Kids in the future:Yes

Favorite Music:ClassicalCountry

Favorite Movie Genre(s):AdventureAnimated cartoon
Love & Romance

Favorite Literature Genre(s):Mystery & MythologyLove Story

Favorite Type(s) of Sport:BadmintonRock Climbing

Free Time Activities:Go to Cultural LocationsCamping
CookingSpend Time with Family
Hiking/WalkingStudy Something
Listen to MusicVolunteer Work
Gardening/LandscapingWalking in Nature
Go out with FriendsReading

Hobbies:Animal CareHousework
Arts & CraftsCooking & Baking
FashionHouse Plants


i was raised with great family values of the most incredible parents in the world❤ and grew up in a little, simple and humble living in life but is the most HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD❤a family that rich with LOVE and CARE❤ i am NOT SOPHISTICATED, infact i know how to ate food with my hands alone(i'll teach you how when we met, believe me it's COOL😎 HAHA) yet i know how to socialite, i WORE PRELOVED CLOTHES & DRESS! i am NOT PRETTY yet i am attractive(they told me that HAHA)😂, I DON'T EVEN HAVE A POINTED NOSE(so please don't get disappointed HAHAHA😂 ) i had a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR i can make you HARD🔥without touching yours! HAHAHA😂 (you like the idea?) 😂just kidding! HAHA😂 i had MY PRIDE yet i am HUMBLE, i know how to be contented yet i am ambitious.. let me share to you what my parents thaught me: DAD once said: The POOREST MAN in the world is the one whos ONLY WEALTH is MONEY.. MOM once said: DON'T WAIT to be rich to be happy, HAPPINESS is FREE❤ and ohh one thing i forgot to tell, HOUSEWIFE MATERIAL HERE😊

Last Activity: Over 3 weeks ago

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