How to select the most productive photos for a dating site?

Photos for datingWhat do you look at first when you come to a asian dating site? What do you pay attention to when you search according to certain criteria and receive a multipage list of candidates? To your opinion, what part of a woman's or man's profile is crucial for people who see it for the first time? All these questions have the single answer. This is photo. Unfortunately, about 80% of people registering with dating sites forget it, even though their own search is based on photo.

To be chosen from a long list of alikes, you should have something that attracts attention. Your intelligence, wittiness, perfect sense of humor, broad mind, and other significant traits of character are by no means important, but unfortunately people are unable to see them when they just come across your profile. For your future conversation partner to be able to understand them, he or she must first visit your profile, read the information, and write to you. And only in the process of subsequent communication your character will gradually become clear, making you the one and only conversation partner, and possibly the partner for life. But it is your photo that can attract attention to your personality. It catches the eye and invites to visit your profile to get to know other interesting details about you. What do the owners of profiles with empty squares instead of photos expect from the site? They could receive tens times more messages if they were not lazy to place at least one photo. So, we turn to the main issue of the article: how to choose a good photo for a dating site that will attract attention to your inner qualities.

From album to profile

Choosing a photo seems very easy, but when you look through an album or a folder you understand that you can't find any suitable one. Or, contrariwise, all photos seem suitable and you don't know which one to choose. For example, you have found a photo where your look perfect but with ex-lover holding you tight or ex-wife sitting on your knees. Why not, you may think. The main thing is that they will see me. They will see you, but they will study the person beside you as well and draw certain conclusion as to who is near you and why he or she is there, and finally they will write to some less doubtful person with individual photo. So, put photos like that to your album together with family photos and photos with friends. Remember that it is you whom you need to show. You don't need questions about that pretty blond women or handsome man near you.

Don't be too enthusiastic with showy photos, i.e. those with Niagara waterfall, pink flamingo, or alligators at the background. They will distract attention from you, which is undesirable at the initial dating stage. The best photos for your profile are clear and qualitative ones where you stand, sit, or lie against neutral background. For example, on sea sand, green meadow, or at least near the window. Don't think the last variant is unsuccessful. A girl sitting half-turned on a window still against night sky or twilight will look much more attractive that the one against faded grass.

By the way, let's speak about poses on photo. Girls should avoid too sexy poses, for example, half-lying on a table. You may look very sexy and everyone looking at your profile will understand it. Instead of a serious relationship you are planning to find you will be proposed light and non-committal relationship, may be even being a mistress. You should decide if you need it. The same is true for men. About 40 years ago the woman was silent about her desire, but today when she sees a half-naked man on a dating site she may hint or propose sex directly. Therefore, if you are planning to find and to build serious relationship, you should forget about photos with sexual implications. You can have sexy clothes, for example, a long dress with low neck or jeans and shirt that suit many men. Such photos are most attractive for opposite sex. As for poses, girls may sit on a chair or stairs with legs crossed, lean against a table, a chair, a window still, railing, and everything your imagination prompts you. If you want to place a full-length photo, choose one where you have something in your hands. There is nothing worth than a photo with hands hanging or hidden behind the back. The same is true for men.

Smile for the camera!

You will get more letters if you place your smiling photo to the profile. Psychologists claim that smiling makes people extremely attractive, charming, calls confidence, and generally makes wonders. We all read it in books, magazines, and newspapers but still choose photos with reflective look, distant eyes, and tight lips. Do you think that such expression on your face makes you more attractive than a transient smile? So, look through those twenty photos selected for the profile and take three of them where you are smiling. You may add one photo with reflective look for diversity.

We gradually came to the number of photos to place. It is difficult to tell the exact number, the more photos you place the better. You shouldn't make your personal album of your profile, 4-6 photos will be enough. There should be minimum 2 photos, one full-length photo and one portrait. The photos should be distinct. If there is a blurred spot on the photo instead of your face, you won't be successful. The same applies to photos where your figure is indiscernible.

You may be constrained with your height, weight or constitution, but if you decided to come to a dating site to seek serious relationship, you should overcome your constraints and place true photos. Moreover, figure defects can be easily hidden with properly selected clothes. If you have placed your portrait only concealing your full figure, your conversation partner will see it anyway, for example, during your personal meeting. And this meeting may become the first and the last one, which can be avoided by telling the truth at the very beginning.

Don't place photos with your image too bright, for example, too bright make up, expensive dress, too much jewelry or bijouterie. You will get your portion of compliments, but those who seek serious relationship will ponder about their ability to support a woman that got used to such luxury life. Therefore, you should be more modest. Don't think that to be modest is to place forthright photos with you underslept or after a hot party. Your aim is to attract attention, therefore your image should be simple but pretty, your look shouldn't be too bright, but well-cared-for.

It strikes, but a girl in jeans and T-shirt with clean hair and smile receives more letters than a pretty but cold and inaccessible woman. It is easy to explain. When we search for the life partner, we try to choose lively, simple, and charming persons. And it is easier to write to a simple and charming girl than to a strict business woman, as we subconsciously understand that there are more chances in the first case. Men shouldn't choose photos where they are unshaved and in a shabby shirt, though the same unshaveness combined with a clean shirt will produce quite another effect.

The last piece of advice is to show the photos you have chosen to your friends of the opposite sex. Let your friends say would these photos interest them if they were dating site visitors. Place the photos if only they have passed this check.