UK Fiancee Visa

If a man from the UK is going to bring his Asian woman to his country to live as family, the couple should consider obtaining Fiancee Visa for the woman, as it is the most appropriate choice from the point of view of subsequent legalization. UK Fiancee Visa is valid for 6 months, within which the woman must enter the UK and marriage must take place. As soon as the marriage takes place, the woman may apply for Spouse Visa valid for 2 years and then for the UK permanent residency known as Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).


  • UK Fiancee Visa is a sponsorship visa, which means that the fiance must prove he is able to support his woman and her dependent children coming to the UK with her both before marriage and after.
  • The fiance must be UK citizen or permanent resident.
  • The fiance and the Fiancee must be at least 21.
  • The fiance and the Fiancee must have meet in person at least once.
  • The couple must have accommodation to live in the UK (owned or rented).

The application is to be submitted by the Fiancee in person in her country of residence. It is very important to provide a complete package of documents, as they are crucial for the success. The following is the list of documents you will need, as the requirements can change, you may need to refer to your visa center for details:

  • UK Visa application form completed by the Fiancee (can be downloaded from
  • Fiancee's identification documents: birth certificate; foreign passport; divorce, annulment, or spouse's death certificates if previously married.
  • fiance's identification documents: birth certificate; passport or registration certificate; divorce, annulment, or spouse's death certificates if previously married.
  • passport-type photos of the Fiancee and fiance.
  • sponsorship eligibility evidence: bank statements, letter of employment, end-of-year certificate, employment contract, etc..
  • accommodation documents: purchase or rental agreement, mortgage statement, etc..
  • evidence of meeting: photos, hotel receipts, matching visas in passports, etc..
  • evidence of relationship: letter of intent from the sponsor, provisional booking for the wedding, e-mails, phone bills, postcards, photos with family and friends, etc..

The average time for application processing is one month. If they are unable to take the decision from the submitted documents, the lady will be invited to the interview. She will be asked questions to determine whether the relations are genuine and alike. If the lady can speak English, it's her advantage. If the officer is satisfied with the answers, the lady will be issued the visa.

If the Fiancee has children under 18, they can enter the UK with her. They will also need to have the application form completed and the documents collected. The Fiancee must provide the evidence that her children's father agrees to the children coming to the UK. Alternatively, the children can join their mother after marriage.