What you should know about the mentality of thai women

Thai massage is not the only thing that Thai ladies are associated with. Thai culture with its rich history, traditions and people places a lot of importance on the women. There is a lot that you can discover about the way they look, their characters, their thought processes and most importantly their individualities.

Genetically, Thai women tend to have certain characteristic features like dark straight hair, swarthy skin, and hazel or black colored eyes. Typically, a Thai woman is not very tall, but has a good figure and full lips. Outsiders may find their appearance exotic and most men find Thai women attractive. There is a common appearance trait that is shared by all Thai women, and they cannot be mistaken for being Chinese or other Asians in the geographical region.

It is however, possible for you to spot tall women with Thai features while walking the streets of the country. In most probability, these individuals are shemales. Shemales are people who are born as men, but choose to transform themselves into women. Thai shemales turn out to be more strikingly beautiful that native Thai women, and most people can never make out the difference either.

Mindset and character

Thai women are gentle, tender and soft, and make ideal wives due their balanced temper and inner warmth. They are usually quiet and spend a lot of time understanding situations as well as people. They are immensely adaptable and make relationships more meaningful with the little adjustments and compromises. The only time you are likely to hear sharp and loud words from a Thai woman are when they are angry. Females in Thailand take their own sweet time to do things, but do it perfectly contrary to the western compulsion of always being in a hurry.

Although mild in their attitude and behavior, Thai girls have strong characters. They can be very persistent and usually get things done their own way. They will assert their individualities and will not let you treat them just like commodities. When they do reprimand you and remind you of the fact, it will most likely be done with a smile and a gentle reproach.

Thailand has emerged as one of most popular sex tourism destinations in the world, and it is precisely for this reason that it may be very difficult to get yourself decently and genuinely acquainted to a native Thai woman on the street. Decent Thai women are vary of men approaching them on the street due to the fear that they may have been perceived as a sex worker or prostitute. This can make them feel very uncomfortable and is the reason why they reject offers of acquaintance and friendship.

Although the Thai are not very religious, there is a string religious element in their culture. Dictated by religion and of course the culture, traditionally Thai woman are forbidden to spend time in private with a man not bound by a familial relationship. Many of these attitudes and traditions are rapidly changing now, and Thai women are starting to break-free from these shackles that bound their freedom of movement as well as choice.

Emancipation of Thai ladies is gradually taking place. It is a movement that cannot be ignored now, with women asserting for their right to be individuals and to make decisions about their own lives. Woman empowerment and emancipation has developed very differently in the west, but the move for empowerment for Thai girls is strongly enmeshed in the their cultural context. Freedom is looked upon as a right that is available to both men and women, but the challenge of maintaining a balance is faced by both the genders, without one being thankful to the other.

Marriage is increasingly not being looked upon as the ultimate goal for a Thai woman. She has the freedom and the right to do whatever she wants with her life. The identity of a woman in Thailand today is not defined by marriage or a man. She makes her own identity and enjoys life to the fullest. However, when Thai ladies do get married, they make strong households with deep familial ties.

Girls from Thailand taking up jobs to help their families is an indicator of how far they have come from the limiting boundaries of the home. Although things are changing for the better, higher education is still uncommon for Thai women. It is for this reason that they take up jobs that are suited to their skill sets and do not require extensive training and education. They are usually not seen in important or leading roles, but they are soon catching up with their big dreams and unshakable will as well as strength.

Family and men

Since the very beginning of time and as far as one can remember, men have been considered to be head of families in the Thai culture. This automatically defines an ideal woman or wife as a person who take extreme good care of the husband, is respectful towards him, takes care of his family and even fulfills all his whims. Despite the fact that the status of the woman in the Thai cultural space is starting to change, with a woman having more freedom to choose for herself, it is still uncommon to find a Thai woman who is disrespectful to men. It is considered perfectly normal in most household for a woman to entertain her husband’s guests and provide good hospitality. Thai ladies do not see any disgrace in keeping their families happy and pleasing their husbands, who are in most cases the breadwinners as well.

Due to lack of education, Thai women end up being waitresses and cleaners to earn money. These are very tiring and exhausting jobs and do not pay very well either. It is for this reason marriage is still an attractive and convenient lifestyle option for them. Men who are better educated and in well paying jobs can provide sufficiently for the family, also leading to a more comfortable lifestyle for the woman. They do not have to scrub floors and wait on strangers, but can be at home and create a haven. Decency is considered an important trait in a woman, and the first meeting between a man and woman interested in each other still take place in the presence of other people, mostly the girl or woman’s friends.

Due to Thailand being seen as a sex destination, most people think that all Thai women are easy and promiscuous. This is just a stereotype that is not true at all. It is true that there are a lot of sex workers in the country, but not all Thai women are sex workers. They look for stability and support in serious relationships that are not solely based on sex. Physical intimacy will be discourage by the lady just after being acquainted and in the initial stages of the relationship if the intent is not serious. Thai girls are very particular about their physical innocence and choose to share their bodies only when sure of an imminent marriage. A woman introduces the man she is interested to marry to her parents and family. If you are looking for pleasure only, it is better to focus your attention on the numerous sex workers available in Thailand.

Thai women find foreigners very attractive, so much so that they would not mind even marrying one. There are a lot of American and European men who get married to Asian women, falling in love with the devotion, respect and nurturing that the women are capable of providing. The attraction for the western man becomes intense especially after having dealt with and experienced the over-practical approach that most western women choose to deal with men. A Thai woman looks for man who will respect her, love her, be gentle with her and support her.

Thai women are not very inhibited about sex and physical pleasure. They see it as an opportunity not only to derive immense personal pleasure, but also to completely immerse themselves in pleasing the partner. Also they are complex individuals, but that is exactly what makes them attractive, beautiful and full of surprises.