Benefits of Asian Women for European and American Men

In recent years Asian women are increasingly being sought as dating partners by European men. This phenomenon has been noticed by both dating sites and matrimonial agencies as these are being contacted by both European and American men seeking the friendship of women from the most demanded countries: Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, South Korea. Are you puzzled about the strange phenomenon, and want to understand this sudden preference for beauties from Asia? We shall explain in detail the traits of both Asian and European women which will highlight the advantage of former over latter.

Higher consideration to men – Most men regard themselves as the master of their homes and expect their wives to cater to their demands from the time they reach home. With growing demand for gender equality in every sphere of personal and professional life in European societies, men are feeling threatened. Men of European and American origin feel intimidated by local women as most requests to carry out household tasks are met by arguments about equality and infringement of human rights. Since a majority of Asian societies are male-dominated wherein most regulations are made to suit their preferences, men feel more secure and powerful.

Men’s demands are regarded as orders - For western women learning to cook is not one of life’s important priorities while for asian beauties it is a vital life skill. The ladies are easily gratified with all kind of gifts and do not question men. The life of Asians revolves around their husband and homes as they are taught from childhood that their only vocation in life is to get married and look after family. For them a man’s smallest wish is an order which has to be fulfilled without question. Western men who have married Asian women also state that their wives are trustworthy and listen to them more patiently.

Submissive nature – Asian ladies are more submissive than their western counterparts and give first priority to family. They generally do not argue with men and prefer to walk away from confrontational situations. While an American or European woman would prefer equal sharing of household tasks if she is working, an Asian lady will do the same tasks without seeking her husband’s help. Western men feel less threatened by Asian women as they allow men to take the lead and help in fulfilling their basic instinct of being a provider and protector. This submissive attitude of Asian women is a big boost to the male pride and they go all out to be chivalrous and gracious to the females.

Priority given to children and career: For western female education and career are first priorities and they settle down only after gaining financial security. During such situations having children and starting a family takes a back seat. Men cannot force the issue as they would be blamed for discrimination as women are on par with them and are not dependent on them. However Asian women are expected to bear children within a year or two of marriage to gain acceptance as a dutiful wife within society. Like western girls, they cannot postpone such issues to give priority to their career and financial independence. Since bearing sons is considered fortunate, women of Asian origin have to gratify themselves by fulfilling dreams and aspirations of their husbands. So European and American men prefer submissive and obedient Asian women over their self-seeking western counterparts who are not the proverbial “damsel in distress”.

Physical appearance and behavior – Asian girls are always conscious of their physical appearance and keep themselves well-groomed. The priority for most of them is to seek a wealthy husband who can take care of them. Due to their elegant and petite figure, which is very different from the tall western women, Asian women appear exotic and attractive to European men. As women of western origin are more liberated they consider men as equals and do not take efforts to always appear well-dressed with makeup before them. In contrast, Asians make a conscious effort to always appear attractive and presentable at home and in public. While a western woman may appear in her disheveled state before male colleagues or friends, an Asian lady would consider it to be a social faux-pas to appear without being groomed well.

Equality and intimacy: Women of American and European origin are more sexually liberated then Asian women and do not shy away from stating their demands to their mates. After the female liberation movement they feel it is their right to seek sexual gratification from another man if their male friend or husband is not able to satisfy their needs. Asian women are taught to give more importance to their partner’s needs, so most of them are submissive and non-demanding. The practice of “geisha” prevalent in Chinese culture trains women to gratify the sexual pleasure of powerful men in the society.

Preference among white men – Western women in their attempt to maintain equality with men are losing out on the natural healing and gentle qualities of women. So, they are disappointed in their choice of men as they are confused about their expectations from relationships and are constantly seeking to dominate their partners. Though Asian women are more docile and obedient they are emotionally strong and do not try to emasculate men at every opportunity in either public or private. They are not argumentative or arrogant, but are strong enough to fight for their rights and respect the opinion of others. Western men are increasingly seeking out ladies who are understanding and do not take every statement as a sexist remark.

With changing societal roles and greater emancipation, people are now more aware about each others’ cultures leading to reduction of stereotypes. Western women and men now have greater understanding about Asiatic culture and vise-versa, so both are learning to appreciate the qualities in each other. While western women are learning the limitations of female liberation, men from USA are also learning to keep their expectations on a more achievable level while seeking to fulfill their fetish for an Asian wife.