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ID: 140423
Age: 66 y.o.
Country: USA
State: Nevada
City: Las vegas
English level: Fluently
Smoking: No
Drinking: Social/Occasional
Education: Trade/Technical
Religion: Jehovahs Witness
Children: Lives separately
Number of children: 2
Child 1: 33 y.o. (Male)
Child 2: 32 y.o. (Female)
Marital status: Widowed
Weight: 84 kg ~ 185 lb
Height: 171 cm ~ 5' 7.3"
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Brown
Zodiac: Cancer (Rat)
Age of partner: 18 - 40 y.o.

Occupation: Maintenance

My character: Sociable, Reliable, Calm, Kind, Shy, Romantic, Tender, Caring, Affectionate, Patient, Modest, Creative, Sensual, Friendly, Reasonable, Gentle, Understanding, Energetic, Unattached, Eager, Cheerful, Honest, Faithful, Spontanious, Respectful, Candid, Sentimental, Generous, Attentive, Considerate, Compassionate, Sincere, Curious, Passionate, Adventurous, Hardworking, Well educated, Open-minded

My favorite sports: Swimming, Fitness, Horse-riding, Volleyball, Basketball, Running, Football, Bicycling, Billiards, Outdoors activities, Climbing

My favorite music: Classical, Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, New age

How I spend my leisure time: Exhibitions, Theatres, Cinema, Museums, Concert, Going to the country, Spending time with family, Social events, Visiting family, Shopping

Do I have pets?: No

My preferred meals: American, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, Korean

I like to read: Historical novels, Science fiction, Love stories, Periodicals, Detective stories, Modern literature

My favorite films: Comedies, Dramas, Family, Fantasy, Mystery, Thrillers, Adventures, Romantic comedies, Romance, Musical, Sci Fi, Crime, Cartoons

My hobbies: Astrology, Astronomy, Playing computer games, Auto, Photography, Painting, Fishery, Board games, Martial art


-Hello there, I am a widower. I`m a loving type of man who loves family life very much. I love having children around me. I enjoy the challenges that children come up with, and seem to test our intelligence. That just shows that they are bright and learning all the time.
The real challenge in my life will be a woman that chooses to trys and start a new family with me. The type of woman i`d like to be with is an independent woman. Oh did i say something shocking to your ears? Well its true. I am a very different type of man. I have learned from a very good woman who use to be my wife for 29 yrs [a Filipino woman] that if a man ever feels that he has to be in control of a woman to be happy, then he is very insecure. A slave can almost never love her master. A woman has to feel useful and let free to do as she feels is right. When a woman goes shopping and always comes home, then i know i belong to her and she belongs to me. She comes home because she wants to. Not because she has to. This is only part of being happy. For me it`s not enough to except a woman for what she is now, it`s having patents to look forward in time to see what kind of woman she becomes. It takes a lifetime to know one woman.
I understand that this idea is a bit frightening to most woman, so i understand if most of you woman find it difficult to respond to me. Thats o. k.
I`m an outdoor type of man. I enjoy freshwater fishing. I love camping out and walking through hiking trails. I enjoy walking at the beach in the winter time and at night in the summertime. I wish i could say i love to cook, but i`m terrible at it. Why! Because i make a woman mad at me if i`m in her kitchen, and i always get kicked out of the kitchen by her.
I must say this: when a man truly loves a woman, he lives only for that woman, and a woman only lives for her children. The one thing I miss most is the thousand different ways a woman holds my arm as we walk along the beach talking about anything that comes to mind. And many times we don`t talk at all. Its enough just being alone together, and i can tell what she is thinking by the way she holds my arm. Its not just about me, and its not just about her, its always about us. I am looking for the that one special woman who can fill this empty void in my heart. That one special woman who can fill my empty heart with her love. That kind of love that no man can doubt.
I am a seriouse type of MAN, not a GUY. A GUY plays with a womans heart. A MAN takes on responsibilty for his actions. He takes on the responsibilty for himself and most of all for the woman he is with and the family. Its not enough for a laddy to say that she wants a MAN, The Laddy must first be WOMAN enough to have a MAN.
It is my plan to retire in the far east sometime late this year, or early next year, God willing. So i am looking for the woman, (not a girl)who will stand beside me and work towards a happy life together, to set goals and work for our future together.
Now if any of you woman should be interested, then by all means please don`t be afraid to contact me. I will be here.
Myheart gose out to all of you weman out there and i hope that you all find what you are looking for.
To all of you weman out there, YOURS TRULY JIM

Last login: 22 July, 2014

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